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Lessons and Specialities

Driving Lesson

Learning to Drive - Age 17+

Concentrating on students wishing to take their test at Basildon or Brentwood Test Centres, our one-to-one lessons will help you develop the skills to become a safe, competent driver in preparation for the DVSA test.

Learning to drive - Mature Students

Concentrating on students wishing to take their test at Basildon or Brentwood Test Centres, our lessons for mature learners take into account previous life experience and the mature students ability to apply prior learning to driving situations.

Confidence Sessions - Mature/Nervous Drivers

For infrequent drivers, older drivers or nervous drivers, getting behind the wheel can be a daunting prospect. These sessions are geared to making sure your skills are up to date so you can feel confident on the road.

Fleet training

We can help your business reduce motoring costs and keep insurance costs down by reviewing your Company Car Drivers and helping you keep up to date with documentation.

All About Me

Coaching you to be a safe driver for life - not just teaching you to pass a test

I have been coaching for nearly 30 years - initially as a sports coach, then as an educator in my professional career.

My passion for driver education began in 2012 when my children joined the Under 17 Car Club. That lead to me taking my Advanced Driving Test and me helping other drivers prepare for their Advanced Driving Test with IAM Roadsmart.

4 years instructing with IAM Roadsmart helped me decide that being an Approved Driving Instructor was a road I wanted to travel. I am passionate about developing drivers with the ability to make good decisions for themselves when out on the road alone.

Each student has a unique learning style - I will work with you to find the best way for you to learn and adapt my lessons accordingly. 

Contact me

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Preparing drivers to meet the future.